“For quite some time I noticed child abuse in my neighborhood but I did not have the courage to report the case to the Police”, said a woman in Harare. Beauty lives next to a 16-year-old boy whose father used to physically and verbally abuse him, accusing him of having sexual relations with his stepmother. She feared that if she reported the case it would make the situation worse and strain her relationship with her neighbours. “I only gained courage to report the case after attending a community outreach on children’s rights from the LRF. The Paralegal encouraged us to report any cases of child abuse and assured us of assistance if we faced any victimization.” She continued with a smile on her face. The woman reported the case to the police (Victim Friendly Unit) who swiftly investigated the case. The boy’s father was warned and cautioned and together with his son was referred for counselling. The woman was ecstatic, “I can’t express my joy, I saved a child’s life! The LRF should increase its outreaches in our community.”