LRF Hwange successfully assisted a 29-year-old woman to apply for maintenance from her devious husband. The two were customarily married but then the husband cunningly deserted her and their two children.

He took her and their children from Hwange, where he was employed, to Bulawayo in 2014, pretending that he was to be transferred there but from that time until this year, 2018, he cut off all communication with the family. The hapless, unemployed woman survived on handouts from well wishers. The situation was so bad that their youngest daughter failed to enroll for ECD classes.

However, luck ran out for the deceptive man when someone told the woman that her husband had retired, was expecting a lump sum and his intention was to slip out of the country and dump them forever. The woman enlisted the services of the LRF and the maintenance case was taken to court. After calculations by the magistrate, based on the lump sum to be received by the slippery husband, she was initially awarded $300 for 36 months. The court subsequently increased the award to $10,800 for each of her two children to bring the total figure to $21,600.

“Thank you LRF,” said the relieved woman.