The Publications Unit (LPU) has been described as the hub of the wheel of LRF, linking the various programmes. It produces pamphlets and information leaflets to underpin the education programme and publishing legal texts for the profession, which also contributes to income-generation.

The LRF participates each year at the Zimbabwe International Book Fair. Although the Book Fair is no longer the high profile regional event it once was it still provides an opportunity to showcase both the LRF’s publications and its other services.

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Materials

Pamphlets, leaflets and posters are an integral part of the LRF’s outreach work, providing information on key legal and human rights issues for the layperson, with solutions and procedures to guide people as they resolve the issues troubling them. The Maintenance pamphlet has been lauded by many women for assisting them to know how, when and where to claim maintenance.

The LRF has 28 topics in circulation, which were distributed throughout the communities, to clinics, police stations, local government offices and other civic organisations. These are left in the community providing an opportunity for those who may not have attended an outreach to access the same information on legal rights.

A testimony to the benefit of the IEC material –

“I am one of those women who were oppressed. When my husband died his relatives took everything away and I did not know what to do. My friend, who attended your education sessions told me about you and showed me a pamphlet on inheritance. This has helped not only me but many other women…”

Aadvocacy officer, Varaidzo Mudombi, with pamphlets on display

Advocacy officer, Varaidzo Mudombi, with pamphlets on display

Legal Texts

The market for legal texts in Zimbabwe is very small, which adversely affects the cost-effectiveness of the publications and yet the LRF is cognisant of the value these offer to the legal and business fraternity. The Publications Unit has opted for small print-runs of new and revised titles, which avoid tying up funds in slow-moving stock but still cater for the needs of this small and specialised market for legal publications on a print-on-demand basis.