LRF Statement on the launch of the Zimbabwe Justice Sector Programme

The Legal Resources Foundation, with the support of the EU under the Zimbabwe Justice Sector Programme, is offering legal training to traditional leaders with the aim of improving access to justice for rural communities in Zimbabwe, particularly those who are marginalised and vulnerable. The training, which is being conducted in collaboration with the Council of […]

UNICEF applauds fight against child marriages

Speech by Sam Muradzikwa UN Policy & Chief of Social Policy and Research (UNICEF) during the LRF Golf Day in Harare on 7 April 2017 held under the theme, “Help Us Stop Child Marriages”. From the outset, allow me to thank you all for this demonstration of commitment towards empowering women and girls and protecting […]

Environment affects children’s access to justice

Read more to understand the extent to which the social and economic environment affects children’s access to justice. The recently promulgated Zimbabwe Constitution, Amendment No. 20 of 2013 brought about a new face to the rights of children. Children’s rights are now constitutionally enshrined in section 19 and section 81 respectively. The rights provided for […]

Don’t marry off abused children

DON’T LET YOUR CHILD MARRY THEIR RAPIST…. YOU ARE KILLING HER Open letter to all parents Dear parent should you find out that your child is pregnant or that they have been abused please do not marry them away. They have been violated, cheated and abused. In most cases the abuser will offer you bride […]

Break the culture of silence to protect children

It is easy to expect the government and other relevant institutions to ensure that children, especially girls, are protected by the laws of this country. It is quite another thing to be the one to be expected to ensure that these same children are protected by the laws of our country. Through the various statutes […]