Legal & Civic Education

The LRF believes that "Knowledge is power" human and legal rights violations thrive on ignorance. It is for this reason that LRF seeks to educate people on their rights, empower them to assert themselves and afford them the ability to take up cases when necessary.


Offering Legal Services

Offering legal services & responding to human rights abuses. The LRF concentrates on family law issues and provides information and Knowledge to an average 100,000 people each year. Having raised awareness, the trained staff are then available to help individuals to their particular problems.


Service Provider Training

In support of its work to address the people's needs, the LRF also strives to strengthen service delivery and build the capacity of local authorities to protect the rights of their constituents by training service providers in the justice system and public sector.


Promoting Law & Policy Reform

Promoting law & policy reform and citizen participation in governance. The LRF researches and provides information on topical issues, most recently on why a strong constitution is important and the different elements that should be present in a democratic constitution.


Legal Publications

The Publications Unit (LPU) has been described as the hub of the wheel of LRF, linking the various programmes. It produces pamphlets and information leaflets to underpin the education programme and publishing legal texts for the profession, which also contributes to income-generation.


Latest News Articles

Advice from LRF changed a life

I will never forget 1 May 2013. I was working in the fields on the small plot I own near Bindura when my husband fell and hit his head on a brick. He died soon after. From that moment on, my life changed dramatically - first it descended to its worst but recently to its best. My name is Tina Chipendekari and I would like to tell about the difference that one visit to the Highfield office of the Legal Resources Foundation (LRF) has made.

Landmark ruling on child marriages

Break the culture of silence to protect children

It is easy to expect the government and other relevant institutions to ensure that children, especially girls, are protected by the laws of this country. It is quite another thing to be the one to be expected to ensure that these same children are protected by the laws of our country.